Mar 19th, 2016

Caring for God’s Creation & the Poor

“The Earth, our home, increasingly seems to be transforming itself into an immense garbage dump.” ~Pope Francis

Green Tip

Setting up organics recycling at home…and Church! (We already do this at Annunciation!)

More than one-third of our trash is organic material that can be composted. Recycling organics, including food scraps and non-recyclable paper, is an easy way to reduce your trash and make a difference!’

More residential organics recycling options are available with organics recycling being offered citywide in Minneapolis this year. Additionally, there are several drop-off options for residents, and businesses and schools are increasingly participating in organics recycling programs.

Just like any new routine, figuring out the best way to collect organic materials for recycling in your home can take some time. To get started, follow these tips when setting up organics recycling at home:

Learn what materials can go in the organics recycling bin. This includes all food scraps; food-soiled paper products like napkins, paper towels and pizza boxes from delivery; certified compostable paper and plastic cups, plates, bowls and utensils; and other compostable items like coffee grounds and filters, houseplants and flowers, and wooden items like chopsticks.

Use a kitchen pail lined with a compostable bag to collect food scraps, paper towels and food-soiled paper. If you’re worried about pests or smells, remember to bring your organic materials out to your organics recycling cart frequently, or you can keep “wet” organics in a container in your refrigerator or freezer until you are ready to bring it out to your organics recycling cart.

Collect organics and recycling throughout your home, including in the bathroom, bedrooms, and office.

Label your containers so everyone in your household knows how to sort their waste. Order free labels for your home recycling, organics and trash bins

See the Organics Recycling Guide to learn more about what materials are and are not accepted.

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