Promotion of Peace

Dec 16th, 2016

Caring for God’s Creation & the Poor: “Peacemaking calls for courage, much more so than warfare. It calls for the courage to say yes to encounter and no to conflict: yes to dialogue and no to violence; yes to negotiations and no to hostilities; yes to respect for agreements and no to acts of provocation; yes to sincerity and no to duplicity. All of this takes courage, it takes strength and tenacity.” ~Pope Francis

Key Principle of Catholic Social Teaching: PROMOTION OF PEACE.

“Catholic teaching promotes peace as a positive, action-oriented concept. In the words of Pope John Paul II, ‘Peace is not just the absence of war. It involves mutual respect and confidence between peoples and nations. It involves collaboration and binding agreements.’ There is a close relationship in Catholic teaching between peace and justice. Peace is the fruit of justice and is dependent upon right order among human beings.”

Peace & Justice Committee