Projects (Curiousity) Fair Wrap-Up

Mar 9th, 2015

I think it would be fair to say: We were beyond IMPRESSED with the creativity, research, attention to detail, effort AND curiosity displayed in this year's Project (Curiosity) Fair!

Thank you to all of our participants (see list below) – You are AMAZING!

This year, for the first time ever, our participants spent time near their project.  Participants answered questions, demonstrated and provided information on their topic to our guests.  Many of our guests commented on our students’ stellar presentation skills and the depth and complexity of the topics.

This year our 'judges' were Annunciation Middle School students.  These students are part of Dimensions, a MS enrichment program.  The students embraced the opportunity to serve while learning and expanding their own skills.  In addition to giving feedback on projects, students awarded 'Best In' Creativity, Originality, Effort and Presentation awards.  

Also new this year - our very own Annunciation Youth Ministry (AYM) Peer Ministers served up ice cream sundaes.   We thank Brendan L, Lucas P, Patrick B, Becca H, Sam L, Natalie A, Roxanne L, Alison G, Gabby A, and Wibke A for providing this invaluable gift to our community.

Wait  - there is more.  All participants were entered in a drawing for a variety of prizes including gift certificates to the Annunciation Book Fair, Target, and FreeStyle.  In addition, there were out-of-uniform passes AND a family prize -  a gift certificate to Tiny Acorn photography.

Thank you to Yelena Hardcopf, Patrice Krocheski-Meyer and Marc Headrick for their dedication to this tradition.  Thank you also to Jimmy Dunn and Anne Stickney for answering our call to host a community event.

“Each one of our children has a special light in them. Every one. The question is not—‘Do they shine?’ but ‘Do we see them shining?’ We have to be the ones to see it."  - Melissa CSW Ministries

2015 Projects (Curiousity) Fair Participants

Alice L Kinds of Seeds
Ellie M Cats
Julian O Mars
Sullivan S & Burke D Hot Wheels Speed and Distance
Alie P Cats
Maeve S Guinea Pigs


Grade 1
Agatha C Puppies
Eli D & Ani I Baby animal facts
Jimmy K Man on the moon
Ivan K Infrared Light (or Electrical circuits)
Zofia K Bees. Flowers. Pollination.
Vivian K-M Greek gods
Eleanora K History of Barbie
Isabel N & Frannie O Arctic Animals
Frank T Submarines
Spencer T How trading cards are made
Rogan V T-rex
Mary V Human eyeball parts
Peter B Titanic
Ben H Rocks and minerals


Grade 2
Ella S Fun facts about dogs
Sylvie B French Bulldogs
Noah C & Simon W Top Ten Running Backs in the NFL in 2014
Joseph K Electrical Engineering
Henry K Airplanes in flight
Isabel O Famous Artists
Jack P 3D Printers
Marina V The Penguin Post office in Port Lockroy, Antarctica


Grade 3
Ingrid K & Collette P Terriers
Charlie S Brain
Charlie B All About Sharks
Kelly B How paper is made from trees
Olivia B & Claire H Everything you want to know about Mustaches!
Hunter B Earth
Silvia H & Madden S McDonalds
Niko B & Emmet W Pigs
Lily C & Kiah A Sharks
Viggo C WWI trench warfare
Julia C, Brooke W, & Frances S Breeds of cats
Cole F, Johnny K, & Ozzie S Codes and ciphers
Kennedy J Hamsters
Sasha L Space
Katie N Sleep
William R How to Increase Your IQ
Lia d. S Mermaid Tears
Harper S The Four Seasons and Dogs


Grade 4
Avery C (4) & Cole C (1) Deadly Animals
Jude G & Grace H Greek Gods
Alyvia H Volleyball
Miriam K & Megan M Nutrition
Grace T The Titanic
Michael L (4) & Fletcher G (3) Squishy Circuits
Christina L & Mallory O Different kinds of clay
Griffin M (4) & Maggie M (2) Solar System
Dylan V Tulips


Grade 5
Maddie B & Maggie D Melting Gummy Worms
Hannah C & Sarah W Panda Bears
Grace C & Cecelia K Architecture
Edith C Sugar
Gracyn F & Jessica F Cat science
Payton G & Hannah O Warriors by Erin Hunter
Alex H & Joe M Doughnut Experiment
Ava K & Libby Z Chinese Calendar
Anya L, Sophie O, & Juliet P Flora and Fauna of Chile
Emily M Venus Fly Trap
Caitlin O & Caroline P What animal calms a person’s heart rate
the most?
Grace R Colosseo
Jack H Earthquakes
Maggie W Bees and how to make beeswax candles
Joey W Scorpion Fly