Principal Cassidy’s News & Notes

Mar 28th, 2014

Accreditation Visit is Complete!

Our visit for accreditation renewal was completed on Thursday afternoon. The visit team spent over 3 days interviewing staff, students, and parents, visiting classrooms, reviewing our self-study, onsite documentation and our strategic plan. It was a wonderful week with our visitors here and a chance to share our story.

The team passed on their thanks to the APO for hosting their visit and to staff and the whole community for making them feel welcome and sharing information with them. The visit team does not make any final determination of renewal, but did pass on some thoughts before they left.

Overall, the team was greatly impressed by the incredibly vibrant and supportive community. They could sense this and heard from so many at the school, new families and long-time families, that this is part of what makes our school special. The team also gave high praise to the school for the consultative and thorough process used to prepare for the MNSAA renewal.   From the self-study to the strategic plan, they were impressed with the involvement of so many within the community and the attention paid to making sure the plan was represented the whole school. In addition, they commented on the thoughtful process used to address our school’s mission. The mission statement is clearly lived here and was taken apart and addressed by each section to represent each dimension and how we live this out in our school. The team felt that many people participated in creating the self-study, strategic plan, and mission to make it a very authentic process.

The team’s report will be submitted to the MNSAA board for review at their next meeting in May. Shortly after, we will receive their decision and summary of the visit. This summary will highlight strengths they noted as well as areas for improvement. Moving forward, we will use the strategic plan and summary report as our living document to guide our improvement efforts for the future of the school.

It is an exciting and exhaustive process. The journey allows us to see what we do well and also where we need to improve. Having people from outside of our school community reflect and provide feedback also gives us a good perspective. All of these efforts are meant to create the strongest Catholic education for our children.

Thanks to ALL who participated or supported this work in any way. We appreciate your time, talent, and prayers. As a community, we live our mission and once again come together to carry on our tradition of academic rigor, spiritual enrichment, and leadership development.

Spring Break: March 31-April 4, 2014

We wish everyone a safe and happy spring break next week! Enjoy your time and we look forward to coming back together for a great end of the school year!