Principal Cassidy Weekly Update

Nov 15th, 2018


This week, we celebrate our Thanksgiving prayer service as we bless the food we collected for Holy Rosary community. Our partnership with Holy Rosary started nearly 30 years with the Dominican Sisters. The menu and items needed has evolved over the years as the Holy Rosary community has changed. When Sister Martha began coordinating the needs of the community, it primarily consisted of Native American and Vietnamese families. Today the community is made up of mostly Hispanic families. Your generous donations allow us to provide around 20 complete food baskets each year. We are grateful for the generosity of our families to make the Thanksgiving holiday a wonderful time for many other families. We are blessed!

Sensory Grant: 
At the CSCOE Exceptional Learners conference this summer, Catholic schools gathered to learn the importance of having a place at the table for all learners. The conference reminded us that, “As Catholic Schools, we are called to build the Kingdom of God, which includes all His children, regardless of their abilities, challenges, or physical condition. We are required to look at children with the eyes of Christ, and to love and accept the beauty of their differences”.  CSCOE is helping our schools learn how to support all of our learners. They also provided a toolkit and on-going support. 

In addition, through the efforts of a several parents, we were fortunate to receive a grant to help us make our school more “sensory-friendly”. The grant will allow us to make adjustments in the facility including changing our bells to a softer tone. We have been able to create a sensory room to provide a therapeutic space with a variety of equipment for children who need a break or a space to help calm and focus themselves to get ready for learning and interacting with others.  We have also installed sound absorbing panels as part of the auditorium renovations. We are also adding more tools from the toolkit that teachers found helpful to support students in the classroom so they can better focus and learn. 

A survey was sent to parents to get feedback on the sensory needs in our school. Here are the results of the survey. We will use these results along with the learnings we are gaining to continue to create the best learning spaces for all of our students. We are blessed to have this opportunity and grateful to the volunteers who are helping us make this a reality.

God Bless,
Jennifer M. Cassidy,