‘Praying Advent’ Website Helps Our Journey

Nov 28th, 2015

"Want some help for the Advent journey?

The ‘Praying Advent’ website offers a Daily Prayer for each day of Advent, based upon the new Collects of the New Roman Missal. In addition, there are family Dinner Prayers for Advent, help for parents and for people caring for parents.  There are even audio reflections and a few audio retreats.  All brief and intended for busy people – to help make our Advent full of grace. 

As we begin Advent, we light one candle in the midst of all the darkness in our lives and in the world.  It symbolizes our longing, our desire, our hope.  Three “advents” or “comings” shape our desire.  We want to be renewed in a sense that Jesus came to save us from our sin and death.  We want to experience his coming to us now, in our everyday lives, to help us live our lives with meaning and purpose.  And we want to prepare for his coming to meet us at the end of our lives on this earth. So, we begin with our longing, our desire and our hope. 

When we wake up, each day this week, we could light that candle, just by taking a few moments to focus.  We could pause for a minute at the side of our bed, or while putting on our slippers or our robe, and light an inner candle.  Who among us doesn't have time to pause for a moment?”

www.onlineministries.creighton.edu/CollaborativeMinistry/Advent or just Google “Praying Advent.” 

Peace & Justice Committee