Prairie Project Update

May 25th, 2017

A great community effort is at hand! Each of the classes involved were enthusiastic about this new garden installation and also willing to extend a hand for helping with clean-up, moving materials, even digging in the dirt.    

Here is a break down of how the grades participated this spring in the prairie garden project at Annunciation:

  • Grade K- plant diversity, seasonality and seed-saving
  • Grade 1- needs of plants, plant parts, how to plant, prairie basics
  • Grade 2- soil as a resource, power of prairie, and transplanting
  • Grade 5-  together we used some plant picture cards, combustion chemistry puzzles, chalk art, Ladato Si (puts 23-24), and Psalm 104 to answer these questions:
    • - Why plant prairie plants? (sink carbon to clean the air, filter and clean the water, provide habitat for animals and beauty for Annunciation school)
    • - What types of flowers and grasses are we planting? (Same list as grades K-2 have used)
    • - Creation Care...who cares? (Us!, Popes, Jesus, God)
    • - How will we plant them?  (teamwork, ask questions, roots down, leaves up, mulch and water last)
    • - What's my role here today?  (students picked from 6 choices)

As the garden grows the student's responsibilities for the garden will change too. Watch for updates on the garden's name and expansion!

More tips, tricks, and nature play ideas are on the garden's project manager's website,  

A special thanks to parent volunteers, Jayne Larkin & Martha Hoeppner for getting this amazing project started!