Partners in Education

Oct 29th, 2015

Today we wrapped up our mid trimester conferences. So after two full teaching days and an evening conferences, we will have Friday off as our compensation day. Thanks to all how helped make it a great two days!

We are also so grateful to have such a strong partnership with our parents. With almost 100% of our families attending, the conferences were a great success. We were excited to share the good news and progress of our students, but also discuss ways to challenge them to continue to learn new things and improve. I hope you found your conference time informative and encouraging. We are truly a “united and caring community” striving to help each child reach their fullest potential. Thank you for entrusting your children to us for their education – mind, body and spirit. 

Testing and Assessment:

With the recent completion of MAP testing and discussions in the media regarding testing in schools, I wanted to share with you our assessment plan. After reviewing all past assessments, getting teacher input, and discussing the pros and cons of each assessment, we chose to focus on one test for all students K-8.  

The NWEA/MAP provides us the data we need to measure academic progress and growth. It allows us to track student growth from kindergarten through 8th grade and also give us benchmark data for our school in the key areas of reading and math.

We chose one additional test for grades 5-8 to provide additional data as the students get closer to middle school. The OLSAT is an ability test which provides another lens of student ability. This also helps us identify students who participate in enrichment and grade advancement when appropriate.

We believe these assessments are important to provide another lens to view student progress, but also believe strongly in limiting the amount of testing students do each year. We look forward to continuing to share this information with you as we evaluate student data and our curriculum and instruction to best serve our students.

Gym Project – Fund a Need Update:

This summer, we were able to upgrade the volleyball standards and equipment for this year’s season. In addition, resources for the Physical Education program have been purchased. The additional upgrades that were identified are painting the walls, adding banners, and stripping and re-striping the gym floor. These physical upgrades are on hold since we discovered that previous water leakage in the gym was continuing.

The School Advisory facility committee is working with parish and school staff to get bids and determine the cause of the water damage. You may have noticed some digging on the east side of the school as part of this investigation. Once the cause is determined and a plan to repair it completed, we will finish the project with the designated funding raised for the gym.  In the meantime, we are working with designers and hope to have a digital image of the gym improvements for all to see.

Drop Off and Pick Up Reminders:

Now that we are into the school year, below are some reminders regarding car pool drop off/pick up. A few things to note:

Morning Drop-off - With prayer at 8:00, we ask all students to be ready and in their classrooms by 8:00. The foyer is open at 7:30 for students to gather and at 7:45, students are allowed up to classrooms to unpack and get ready for the day. Since it does take some time, even without our coats and boots yet, we encourage students to be here early enough to be ready for our day to begin at 8:00.
Afternoon Pick-up – Please remember to display your number. This is important to help us keep the line moving. Also, please pull forward as far as you can to allow more students to be picked up at once.

A Few Notes of Importance:

  • The car pool line is ONLY for parents dropping off or picking up students immediately. Once children are dropped off or picked up, please exit the car pool line.
  • If you need to unbuckle children, get extra items out of the car, or take any extra time, please park and walk children to the entry area, using the crosswalk.
  • Always pull forward as far as possible for all drop-off and pick-ups.
  • Use the crosswalk area when walking to or from the parking lot.
  • All children MUST walk from the parking lot with an adult. No child can run through the carpool lines to the lot.
  • Students waiting to be picked up after school must wait in the area outside of the south foyer of the school. This area is supervised by teachers for this purpose. Students should not wait in the church foyer for pick up. (In inclement weather, children will wait in the south foyer entrance.)
  • All students must be picked up within 15-20 minutes of dismissal. If you need to pick up your child later on a regular basis, please contact Jeff Wisdom to arrange for extended care.

Please be patient and respectful of our neighbors and fellow parents/families and staff. We work hard to provide appropriate supervision and to move the carpool line as quickly as possible. By following the process, we can successfully clear the lot in adequate time.

PLEASE NOTE: For the safety of our students, please adhere to the traffic flow and direction of cars for entrance and exit. Do not drive against traffic as this can cause unsafe congestion. It has been noted that some cars are driving at a higher speed in the lot. Please be sure to move slowly with traffic, and have full attention while driving through the pick-up line. Thank you for helping make this a safe place for our families.

Fun Run Survey:

Just a reminder that APO is looking for parent feedback regarding the Fun Run this fall. Please complete the survey so we can use this in our future planning. Your input is important! Thank you for taking the time to help.