Parent Speaker: Parenting Teens in the Digital Age

Sep 13th, 2018


We’ve invited Erin Walsh, M.A. of Mind Positive Parenting to speak at Annunciation on September 20th at 7pm, she will be offering guidance for parenting teens in the digital age.

Is there an app for that? Thriving in the digital world

Social networking, cell phones, and video games are game changers for kids and families.  Young people today spend an average of 53 hours a week with entertainment media, more than any other activity but sleeping. While media headlines suggest that media and technology are either good or bad for youth – evidence suggests that they are powerful. The good or bad depends upon how we use them. Digital technologies simultaneously unleash incredible opportunities for our kids and pose a new set of parenting challenges.

In this interactive and energizing presentation, Erin Walsh will use brain science, stories, and humor to explain how technology is changing the ways that youth grow up, socialize, and make decisions. Erin will help parents understand the key ingredients for thriving in the digital age and provide practical tools and strategies that help families build on their strengths. Erin will answer important questions like:

  • What skills do young people need to thrive in an online world?  How can families and children use media and technology in fun and positive ways?
  • How can we help kids become caring and competent digital citizens?
  • Is social media connecting young people or isolating them?
  • Are young people good at multi-tasking? How can young people focus on academics in a world of distractions?


Erin Walsh, M.A. is a dynamic, knowledgeable speaker who has addressed a wide range of audiences on topics related to brain development and raising resilient young people in the digital age. Erin was instrumental to the development of the MediaWise movement and enjoyed working with her father, Dr. David Walsh, for 10 years at the National Institute on Media and the Family before creating Mind Positive Parenting together in 2010.