Orchestral Learning with a Special Guest in Grade 2

Feb 23rd, 2018

The second grade students have been learning about the instruments that make up the orchestra. They have learned about each instrument family, characteristics of each instrument, and recognizing themes and variations. We have just finished learning about the string family and to wrap up this section of the orchestra, Mr. Cron came and visited our second graders!

Mr. Cron, a school parent, has played music throughout his life and was most recently seen playing at SeptemberFest with his band! Mr. Cron brought in his electric guitar, amplifier, and five different pedals that change the sound of the guitar. The electric guitar is not commonly played within the orchestra, however, the Trans Siberian Orchestra does use it in their orchestra. The electric guitar is a string instrument and the students were able to recognize some parts of the instruments that related to other string instruments in the orchestra.

Mr. Cron shared his music experiences with the students, took requests, showed us what the cry baby pedal can do to change the guitars sound, and even let the students rock out on the guitar! We are looking forward to moving on to the brass family and want to thank Mr. Cron for joining us in class!

Lorissa Letwin
Creative Arts Teacher