Astronaut Lands at Annunciation for a Special Visit

May 18th, 2018

On May the 4th, we were very blessed to have astronaut, Kjell Lindgren, visit our school! He gave two inspiring presentations to our students.

Grades 5-8th focused on never giving up on your goals even when you encounter obstacles. He shared his own story of wanting to be an astronaut since a young age. His plans were in place and he initially pursued becoming a pilot in the Air Force when he encountered an obstacle, being diagnosed with asthma and having to be discharged from the Air Force Academy. He decided he could still reach his dream of working at NASA by becoming a doctor. It was while he was in an Emergency Medicine Residency Program at HCMC in Minneapolis that he discovered he didn’t actually have asthma. He applied to the NASA Astronaut Program and was accepted in 2009. 

Grades PK – 4th grade focused on the theme “B-A-G”. B = Bring it, A = Attitude and G = Gratitude to those you help along the way. Both presentations featured a video of his journey and time at the International Space Station.  

After the presentations, he visited all of the individual grades for questions and class photos. Students and staff even received signed photos of Kjell in his astronaut suit.

We also learned some fun facts about astronaut, Kjell Lindgren:

1.  He worked with one of our parents while doing his emergency medicine residency in Minneapolis from 2002-2005. 

2.  He was on the Air Force Parachuting Team prior to becoming a medical doctor.  

3.  He was a Boy Scout and attained the rank of Eagle Scout.

4.  He is a big Star Wars fan and took part in designing the Expedition 45 Crew poster where the crew is holding light sabers.  

5.  He played the bagpipes on the International Space Station and was in space with Scott Kelly (who spent a year in space).

You can read his full bio at:

A special thank you to Amy Smith for all her hard work supporting APO to get Kjell here!