New Staff Announcements

May 25th, 2018

Hello Annunciation School Parents.

The last month or so has been busy with end of the year activities. In addition, I have been fortunate to lead the process of seeking new teachers to join our school community. For each opening, we have an initial interview with a team of people representing different aspects of the school program. We then have a second round with additional people joining me to have a more specific conversation to find the right person for each position. 

We are very prayerful and intentional about finding people who share our vision and mission, who believe in what Annunciation stands for, and is excited about the future direction we are headed. This thorough process helps us find the very best people – along with a lot of prayer! 

I am excited to introduce two recent hires. Our two new teachers will be joining us in 5th grade and Middle School Social Studies respectively. Attached are brief introductions and photos of our new teachers, Ms. Sara Haecherl and Mr. Rick Schild.

In addition, there is a letter from Shannon Buncher, our Preschool Site Director about a change for her and our preschool. Shannon lives near St. Jude of the Lake in Mahtomedi, which is her home parish. The pastor of St. Jude also had hired Shannon for a previous teaching position.  A position in the preschool opened at St. Jude and Shannon couldn’t pass up the opportunity to teach in her home parish. We are so grateful to Shannon for her amazing leadership and hard work for our preschool program. She has been a blessing. Fortunately, Miss Mary Eilen, our other Kinderstart teacher, will be taking the role of Site Director here at Annunciation. Blessings to you, Shannon! Thanks for all you have done to build our program.

While change can be hard, it is often through change that some of our greatest growth can occur. Our prayers continue that God sends us amazing people to join us in our mission. Thanks to all of you for your kind words and prayers as we seek new members of our team. We are blessed with the new staff joining us and look forward to more to come.

Have a great Memorial Weekend!

Jennifer M. Cassidy
Annunciation Catholic School