National Math Challenge Competition

May 6th, 2015


On April 9th, 36 students in grades 2 – 5 represented Annunciation in the National Math Challenge Competition.

The goals of this competition include encouraging students’ interest in math, developing problem-solving skills and inspiring contestants to excel in math.  This year nearly 25, 000 students from over 600 schools nationwide participated in the contest.


TEAM WINNERS (The top scores at PH in grades 2-5)

2nd Grade – Maggie M

3rd Grade – William R

4th Grade – Gordie N

5th Grade – Ava K-M

NATIONAL HONOR ROLL (scored in the top 10% of all students)

2nd Grade - Maggie M

3rd Grade - William R.

4th Grade - Gordie N and Griffin M

5th Grade - Ava K-M

HONORABLE MENTION (scored in the top 50% of all students nationally)

2nd Grade - Joey K, Nathaniel M, *Conor S and *Vivian K-M

3rd Grade - Johnny K, Ozzie S, Jack V, Brooke W, Charlie S, Fletcher G and Kiera O

4th Grade - Maddie H & Mimi K-M

5th Grade - Grace C, Caitlin O, Maya P, Cecelia K, Jake M, Aidan S, Libby Z, Maggie W, & Caroline P

*1st graders taking the 2nd grade test