Modern Day Slavery and Human Trafficking Awareness at the time of the Super Bowl

Dec 9th, 2017

We live in times of increased awareness that freedom has not yet come to all of our brothers and sisters.  Slavery continues today in the form of human trafficking.  Human trafficking is a public health, public safety, and human rights violation that occurs in communities throughout Minnesota and around the world. 

Many local parishes along with Sisters’ religious communities are joining Breaking Free in its outreach efforts to rescue trafficking victims around Super Bowl time.  Historically Super Bowl seasons have seen an increase in the occurrence of sex trafficking of women and children. 

We ask for your support of Breaking Free’s street outreach to trafficked persons in the days prior to the Super Bowl.  Gift cards for food and gas, along with cash or check (payable to Breaking Free) will be needed to create places of safety, and they can be brought to the church or school office or left in the collection basket in an envelope marked “Breaking Free”.  Your generosity will help to provide food, shelter and safety for local trafficking victims.