Middle School October IB Awards

Nov 1st, 2018

Student: Mary H.
IB Award: Caring
Teacher: Miss Letwin

This award goes to a student who demonstrates what it means to be caring. She is always so thoughtful when it comes to opening the door for myself and others, is polite when she engages in conversations, and shows a caring and respectful attitude towards her friends, classmates, and teachers . Thank you for your positive and caring attributes, Mary!

Student: Jack S.
IB Award: Communicator & Caring

Teacher: Mr. Schild

This award goes to a student that demonstrated what it means to be a caring communicator.  During our field trip to Feed My Starving Children, this student helped younger students by taking the time to clearly communicate the different roles of bagging and boxing.  Thank you for being a good role-model, Jack!

Student: Katie Z.
IB Award: Principled and Caring

Teacher: Mrs. Morin

This student works hard every day, follows instructions right away, participates in class and always completes the work they are given.  This student is also respectful and kind to everyone around. Keep up the great work, Katie!

Student: Viggo C.
IB Award: Inquirer

Teacher: Miss Saluri

This award goes to a student who demonstrates what it means to be an inquirer. This student asks thoughtful questions, works hard every day, and is always eager to find out what we will be learning in class each week. Thank you for demonstrating your positive attributes and keep inquiring, Viggo!

Student: Ian Z.
IB Award: Principled
Teacher: Miss Means

This award goes to a student who consistently demonstrates what it means to have integrity and work with honesty. This student always shares his interesting ways of problem solving and shows respect to other students who are doing the same. He advocates for himself and others in his class, which will be an amazing skill to have in his future career of being a teacher. Thank you, Ian, for always living the IB attribute of principled!


Student: Ben E.
IB Award: Thinker and Communicator

Teacher: Mrs. Rogers

When it comes to being creative and having great ideas, this student takes the cake. He thinks critically to ask questions and solve problems, and recently designed an excellent app for a project in Religion Class. He then went on to give an informative and interesting presentation sharing his project with the class. This student always completes thoughtful work, is responsible, and is a kind friend to all. Thanks for being a great thinker, communicator, and student...Ben!


Student: Dylan V.
IB Award: Caring and Communicator

Teacher: Mr. Nichols

This student works extremely hard in class and is constantly asking questions.  This student also cares about others and never leaves anyone out. You have come a long way in making yourself an exemplary student and I appreciate your approach to class on a daily basis.  Thank you Dylan!

Student:  Mia M.
IB Award:  Thinker

Teacher:  Ms. Guilliatt

This student puts a lot of thought into her work.  She offers insightful contributions to class discussions and thinks before she speaks.  She digests information presented in class and applies previous knowledge to current work.  She asks great questions and uses her thinking super powers to the benefit of the whole class. Thank you, Mia!


Student: Bennett K.
IB Award: Thinker and Open-Minded

Teacher: Mr. LeTellier

This student has taken huge strides within the past few weeks to increase the quality of his independent work. He is becoming more thoughtful while reading and is always open to sharing this thinking (and hearing his classmates' thinking) in a respectful way, within pair, small group, and whole-class conversations. He receives feedback thoughtfully and is open to growth. Thank you for your open and thoughtful mind, Bennett!


Student: AJ B.
Award: Caring

Teacher: Mrs. Stebbins

AJ is kind and caring in every media class. He seems to care about how his teacher and classmates feel and for that I appreciate him!


Student: Maddie H.
IB Award: Balanced and Principled

Teacher: Mr. Kaiser

This student is balanced because it doesn’t matter what we’re doing in PSPE, she wants to get crackin’! She literally loves it all, which makes her a balanced athlete, BUT she also manages to be a good student with many other interests. She is principled because she is always doing the right thing, setting an example with her behavior and her leadership. Thanks Maddie for always rowing in the right direction!