Middle School November IB Awards

Dec 6th, 2018

Student: Matiss S.

IB Award: Risk Taker & Caring

Teacher: Miss Letwin

This student has demonstrated being a risk taker in Creative Arts. He has shown an interest in learning and playing new instruments and wanting to take on the responsibility of accompanying his classmates. This student has also shown respect and a caring attitude in and outside of the classroom to classmates and teachers, and I am grateful to have him as a student. Thank you for your wonderful attributes, Matiss!


Student: Avery C.

IB Award: Caring & Inquirer

Teacher: Mrs. Morin

This student has worked very hard this year to have an understanding of the material. This student is also kind and considerate to everyone around them and is a joy to have in class. Thanks for your hard work and kind spirit, Avery!


Student: Caroline C.

IB Award: Caring

Teacher: Miss Means

This student has increasingly demonstrated what it means to be caring in both academic and social instances. This student truly cares about their schoolwork, always ensuring that their work is done well and in a timely manner. They not only care about their academics, but also their fellow schoolmates and teachers. This student shows me on a daily basis how much she cares about her friendships, family and teachers through our daily life chats. Thank you, Caroline, for always brightening my day and doing the same to those around you!


Student: William D.

IB Award: Principled & Reflective

Teacher: Mr. LeTellier

Through the depth and content of this student's personal reflections, it is made clear to me that they hold strong principles. There is right, and there is wrong, and this student will always choose the right, expecting the same from their classmates and even the larger community. This student reflects thoughtfully on the world around them and on the books this student is reading. Reflection is a quiet act, and this students' principles may not be widely broadcasted, but let this be an opportunity for us to broadcast our friend William!


Student: Maggie M.

IB Award: Knowledgeable & Principled

Teacher: Miss Saluri

This student has consistently demonstrated what it means to be principled and knowledgeable. This student goes above and beyond to show their knowledge of the material in Spanish class, and always completes their work diligently and thoughtfully. Their attitude in class is always respectful and positive, and this student always does what is right. Having this student in class always makes my day brighter, and I am thankful for your wonderful attributes, Maggie!


Student: Evija S.

IB Award: Caring & Thinker

Teacher: Mrs. Rogers

This student is never without a smile on her face. She is a cheerful presence wherever she goes, and is a kind friend and classmate. Additionally, she consistently thinks outside the box for assignments and projects. She comes to class prepared, with good thoughts and ideas on our readings. Keep up the great work and thinking, Evija!


Student: Erik O.

IB Award: Principled & Reflective

Teacher: Mr. Langer

This student has demonstrated tremendous growth when it comes to positive decision-making and taking responsibility for her—or his—actions. This student has also developed a willingness to demonstrate courage when it comes to doing the right thing even if others may not be doing so. Finally, this student has made great strides toward achieving one of our school essential agreements--becoming the best version of her—or him—self. Congratulations and thank you to Erik!


Student: Katie N.

IB Award: Knowledgeable and Principled

Teacher: Mrs. Guilliatt

This student never tries to take short cuts with her school work, and she does an excellent job of acquiring knowledge and applying her knowledge to new situations. She is always on task, polite, and kind to others. Thank you, Katie, for always working hard!


Student: Madden S.

IB Award: Thinking & Caring

Teacher: Mr. Schild

This student applies critical thinking skills everyday in class by engaging thoughtful honest dialogue. This student is also demonstrates great care by including all of her classmates in different activities. She lives out the essential agreement on a daily basis, thank you Madden for being awesome!


Student: Harper S.

IB Award: Caring

Teacher: Mr. Nichols

This student models the attribute caring on a daily basis. She consistently thinks of others before herself and is very genuine. Yes, she is also a Packer fan in a Viking world, which makes her a risk taker, but it’s her kindness and caring attitude that make her stand out. Harper, thank you for putting others above yourself.