Middle School News

Feb 26th, 2015

February 24, 2015

-Classes that are bolded indicate when they will take their final.

-Each class lasts for two periods. This includes time for study, review, and a final test.

-Teachers will be utilizing 5th period as well as non-testing periods for an enrichment project.

-8th grade Language Arts will have finals in both Writer’s Workshop and Literature. We are doing this to prepare for high school testing. 8th grade students will also have two Language Arts Finals 3rd Trimester.

Parents of 504 Students

We are bringing in a teacher to provide breaks and a quiet testing room for 504 students. If this is something you would like your child to utilize, please email Heather Zerull.

Due Date for Work

All work needs to be turned into teachers by Friday at the end of the school day in order for it to count for credit in Trimester II. If you have any special concerns due to illnesses or excessive absences, please email your teacher directly with your question. All grades will be put into Cornerstone by Monday, March 9th.

End of Trimester Celebration

Students will be celebrating the end of Trimester on Friday afternoon. Friday is Pizza Day, so students will be able to bring their lunch to their homebase to celebrate with a special treat and movie to end the 2nd Trimester.

Feed My Starving Children

Section 7-2 went to Feed My Starving Children on Monday. During the time they were there, students packed food to feed 50 children for an entire year!