Middle School January IB Awards

Jan 31st, 2019

Student: Marina V.
Teacher: LeTellier
IB Learner Profile: Knowledgeable & Reflective

This student might very well know more about books than I do. Not only does he (or she) always have a stack of books they're reading, but they love to share that knowledge with me and their classmates, recommending books left and right, as if it were their job. I have now added many books to my own stack because of this student's recommendations. This student is also reflective about their reading, always finding ways to connect it to their own heart and world. Thank you for modeling what it means to be a knowledgeable and reflective reader. If you want a good book recommendation, ask Marina.


Student: Tierney M.
Teacher: Letwin
Profile: Principled & Caring

Every time I see this student they are respectful and greet me with a smile. This student always takes on opportunities and challenges with a go-getter attitude, promotes success for herself and others, and fully engages in every lesson, activity, and performance. This student also displays their caring attitude by pumping others up and radiating positive energy. Thank you for being awesome, Tierney!


Student: Eli S.
Teacher: Rogers
Profile: Communicator & Knowledgeable

This student always brings a lot of energy and joy to his or her classes. But, I especially appreciated this during our field trip to Feed My Starving Children on Tuesday. This student was an excellent leader for our table group, encouraging everyone on our team to their best and work hard. This student also knew all steps of the food packing process, and supported other students (and myself!) in knowing exactly what to do. Thank you for your hard work and encouragement, Eli!


Student: Ozzie S.
Teacher: Schild
Profile: Communicator

This student always has a lot to say during class and offers his/her opinion to class discusses on a regular basis. Recently, this student was observed working with other students on an academic showcase project in a collaborative way.  He/she listened, offered suggestions, and generally helped to creative a productive work environment for the group. Thank you for being a team player and working well with others, Ozzie!


Student:  Henry S.
Teacher:  Nichols
Profile: Balanced & Knowledgeable

This student has brings a lot to the classroom.  I appreciate his/her willingness to always sharpen his skill set by asking questions and striving to complete his/her work to the best of their abilities.  This student is also able to have a wonderful balance between academics and social life. Thanks for keeping our pencils from being dull, Henry!


Student: Hannah C.
Teacher Morin
Profile: Reflective & Caring

This student always does their best to ask questions and truly look deeply at their learning.  This student takes the time to process a concept, get clarification and reflect on what they learned.  This student is also kind and caring to all students and teachers. They take the time to check how people are doing and are comforting when others need it.  Keep up the great work, Hannah!


Student:  Grace T.
Teacher:  Means
Profile: Balanced & Principled

This student is incredibly kind, genuine and caring in all aspects of life. They are always considerate of their teachers and their fellow classmates. While they are so kind and caring inside the classroom, they are also a BEAST on the basketball court! It was so fun to watch this student dominate the court, be aggressive and be such a great leader! Thank you so much, Grace for sharing your amazing academic and athletic abilities with us!


Student: Johnny K.
Teacher: Saluri
Profile: Communicator & Knowledgeable

This student demonstrates what it means to be a communicator and knowledgeable. In class, this student is always willing to share their answers and perspective, and adds a lot to our class discussion. This student is alsoknowledgeable, and consistently shows their understanding of the material in Spanish class. I appreciate, and thank you, for your class participation, Johnny!


Student: Ryan M.
Teacher: Langer
Profile: Balanced

This student always provides Mr. Langer with a sincere “HOLA” in the morning and an enthusiastic “ADIOS” at the end of the day!  She…or he…consistently has a cheerful attitude throughout the school day and is respectful both to teachers and classmates. Finally, this student demonstrates balance by his…or her…hard work both at school and in sports.  Congratulations to---Mac Grande…otherwise known as Big Mac, Ryan!


Student: Matthew B.
Teacher: Kaiser
Profile: Risk Taker & Principled

This student is a risk taker because he sticks his neck out in every PSPE activity regardless of his comfort level. He is principled because he has plenty of fun clowning with his buddies, but I can rely on him to get it together when required. Thanks for setting the example of how to get the most out of my class, Matthew!