Middle School IB Award Winners

Oct 4th, 2018

Congratulations to our Middle School IB award winners for September!

Student: Joey K.
IB Award: Inquirer

Teacher: Mr. Nichols
This student is continuously extending his thinking in Science and making connections to his own real-life experiences.  It is great to see such curiosity and enthusiasm on a daily basis.  Thank you, Joey for being inquisitive and making class fun on a daily basis.

Student: Charlotte M.
IB Award:  Thinker and Communicator

Teacher:  Mrs. Guilliatt
This student clearly works hard and puts a lot of thought into her work.  She also does a great job during small group and large group discussions of listening to her peers and thoughtfully sharing her ideas as well.  She is polite, responsible, and an exemplary  student.  Thanks for your contributions, Charlotte!

Student:  Kiah A.
IB Award:  Principled

Teacher:  Mrs. Rogers
This student is always prompt and prepared for class. This students works hard on class assignments, and regularly participates in class. She is committed to having a respectful class environment, and strongly encourages classmates to be respectful as well. Thank you for you an excellent example and a leader in the classroom Kiah!  

Student: Knut R.
IB Award: Inquirer and Reflective

Teacher: Mr. LeTellier
From the very beginning of the school year, this student has taken his independent studies seriously, in particular being aware of his own thinking as he reads, and reflecting thoughtfully about it in his weekly response journals. He actively notices vocabulary that interests him and goes above and beyond in studying the words. He is always on the hunt for a book that will challenge him in new ways. Keep up the active, reflective learning, Knut!

Student: Cole F.
IB Award: Principled

Teacher: Miss Letwin
This student is a great example of what it means to be principled. He walks in to class ready to go and his ability to be attentive and respectful to his classmates and the teacher speaks volumes. Thank you for your principled attributes, Cole!

Student: Fletcher G.
IB Award: Inquirer

Teacher: Mr. Schild
This student demonstrates the quality of being inquirer through his diligent work by using his class time wisely to complete tasks.  It is wonderful to see the skills of inquiry like research and independence in the classroom.  Thank you for your inquirer attributes, Fletcher!

Student: Alyvia H.
IB Award: Knowledgeable and Communicator

Teacher: Mr. Kaiser
I want to commend this student for her communication skills. She is able to confidently converse with adults but also listens. She sticks up for herself respectfully and makes sure she is heard, role modeling “agency” with a smile on her face. She is also knowledgeable, volunteering to share her volleyball skills by helping me demonstrate hits in class. Thanks Alyvia, for being a good communicator and sharing your knowledge!   

Student: Christopher M.
IB Award: Inquirer & Thinker

Teacher: Mrs. Morin
This student has been focused, working hard, asking good questions and helping his/her classmates all year.  This student has worked to gain a better understanding of the math material and always offers insights to the class.  Thanks for the great start to the year Christopher!  Keep up the good work!

Student: Reagan L.
IB Award: Balanced

Teacher: Miss Means
This student has a lot of extra-curricular activities that they're involved with in and outside of Annunciation. They are always the first to volunteer in my classroom and extra things on their plate. While they have a lot going on, they consistently come to school prepared and ready to go! Thank you, Reagan, for going above and beyond what is asked of you in and outside of the classroom. You juggle quite a few outside activities and still rock it out in math!

Student: Karol G.
IB Award: Risk-taker

Teacher: Miss Saluri
When asked to step up, this student took a risk by volunteering to speak in front of a group. They put themselves out there by sharing more about themselves in front of the entire school. Thank you, Karol, for taking a risk and speaking at our Monday morning meeting!