Middle School February IB Awards

Feb 27th, 2019

Student: Faye K.
Teacher: Mrs. Morin
Profile: Caring

This student is kind and caring every day.  He or she works hard academically but also makes it a priority to help their fellow classmates.  This person is always speaking appropriately to others, smiling and bringing joy to our school. Thank you and keep up the good work, Faye!


Student: Griffin M.
Teacher:  Mrs. Guilliatt
IB Profile:  Balanced and Thinker

This student pays attention in class and thinks carefully and deeply about all the topics we read and write about.  It is obvious that he likes to learn. With that being said, he knows how to balance his learning with having fun and participating in extra-curricular activities.  He is a great example of a Balanced Thinker. Thank you for being a great example in class and in life, Griffin!


Student: CC P.
Teacher: Mr. Schild
IB Profile: Principled

This student has consistently shown respect for the learning environment through his/her actions.  They do not waste time in the classroom, they are attentive and follow the class expectations the first time without reminders.  They are a model example of their class constitution by putting the ideas of caring, self-control, and responsibility on display everyday.  Thank you for consistently being awesome in creating a positive and productive learning environment, CC!


Student: Lily C.
Teacher: Ms. Means
Profile: Risk-taker & Knowledgeable

This student is an excellent example of what a leader should be and do on a daily basis inside and outside of the classroom. They are always kind and curteous to their fellow classmates and teachers. They advocate for themselves when needed and are always found going above and beyond what is asked of them. I know I can always count on this student to assist me with any task and do it with a smile. They have also been CRUSHING it in math class with their incredible participation and thoughtful questions and answers. Thank you so much, Lily for being a fabulous student!


Student: Simon W.
Teacher: Mr. LeTellier
Profile: Principled and Caring

I am probably not the only one who receives a goodbye hand slap and thank you from this student on a regular basis. What is more principled and caring than taking the time to recognize and thank the people in your life? This student is ready to volunteer for the biggest or smallest task and complete it with a gracious smile. This student is principled when it comes to his (or her)  primary role as student. This student takes schoolwork seriously and wants to do the best job he (or she) can because there is value in improving oneself, value in the work itself, and value in respecting the learning environment. Where would my homeroom be, and where would the LUNCH BIN be, you see, without the kindness of Simon?


Student: Franklin D.
Teacher: Mrs. Letwin Burns
Profile: Principled

This semester, this student has shown growth and principled attributes. In Creative Arts specifically, this student has been motivated, excited, and focused during our classroom learning and activities. It's always a "meowy" good time when this students expresses their creativity and passion. Thank you for sharing your focus, creativity, and love of cats..... Franklin!


Student: Maura M.
Teacher: Mr. Nichols
Profile: Thinker and balanced

This student does a great job at really trying to go in-depth with his/her work in science class. He/she also stays on task and works hard. He/she is also highly involved with church after school activities. Thank you, Maura for being a wonderful student in and out of the classroom 

Student: Charlie S.
Teacher: Mr. Kaiser
Profile: Balanced

With every week that goes by, I am more impressed with the balance this student shows. We have played many different sports already this year, and whether it has been volleyball, basketball, or team handball, this student has shown interest, effort, and ability. Now, after grading his class’ essays, I find out he is a good writer, too! For his broad range of talents, I want to honor Charlie!


Student: Jack W.
Teacher: Ms. Saluri
Profile: Principled and Reflective

Throughout the course of the year, I have been so impressed by this student's growth. I have had the opportunity to watch this student continuously reflect on her, or his, learning, and their efforts to improve in Spanish class have not gone unnoticed. This student has also demonstrated the attribute of principled by advocating for himself in the classroom, and working diligently on their assignments. Keep up the great work, Jack!