Middle School December IB Awards

Jan 10th, 2019

Student: Kate L.
IB Attribute: Risk Taker
Teacher: Rogers

This student is generally very quiet! In class, in the hallways, outside - I would never describe this student as "rambunctious" or "loud". So you can imagine my surprise when this student got up to belt out a solo during the finale of your Christmas concert!! You are amazingly brave, and crushed it all the concerts, Kate!!!!


Student: Evan B.
IB Attribute: Reflective

Teacher: Means

This student has shown a huge amount of growth throughout this semester. He took my feedback from conferences to heart and has been working extremely hard to in math class. He has been constantly participating, asking questions and helping other students through some tricky math concepts. It has been a joy to watch this student grow so much in just a short time. Thank you, Evan for being reflective and working so hard in my class!


Student: Kennedy J.
IB Attribute: Caring

Teacher: Schild

This student has shown empathy, compassion, and respect towards the feelings of others.  When I was feeling down, this student expressed concern and genuine kindness.  Her act of kindness made a positive difference during a difficult time.  I greatly appreciate being around students that are so thoughtful and caring, thank you Kennedy!


Student: Gio H.
IB Attribute: Knowledgeable and Risk-Taker 

Teacher: LeTellier

This student impressed me this month as we prepared for our Christmas Program. This student took a great deal of time out of their school day to practice and help many other grades prepare. This student is not only very knowledgeable and talented on the drums, but has also been generous enough to take the risk of sharing those gifts and his knowledge with our entire school community: students, parents, and grandparents. That's a risk, for sure, and you nailed it every day. And to top it all off, this student is just so respectful and pleasant to talk to. Thank you for sharing your talents and for just being awesome, Gio!


Student: Leo OJ.
IB Attribute: Knowledgeable

Teacher: Saluri

This student has grown so much in their learning this semester, and it has really shown in my classroom. This student has been working extremely hard to master the material in Spanish class, and I am very proud of the self-discipline that this student showed as she... or he... worked to prepare for our final exam. You killed it this semester, Leo!


Student: Sophie OJ
IB Attribute: Thinker

Teacher: Nichols

Over the past few months, this student has really shown what it means to be a thinker.  I have actually had the opportunity to see when this student had an aha moment as we were studying the periodic table and how elements bond together.  Thank you, Sophie for giving your best effort on a daily basis!


Student:  Josephine R.
IB Attribute:  Risk Taker and Knowledgeable

Teacher:  Guilliatt

This student comes to class every day prepared, engaged, and ready to learn and ready to work.   She is always respectful and willing to help out. Additionally,  her singing knocked my socks off.  She shows how brave she is when she grabs that mic and sings for us all.  Josephine,  thanks for sharing your voice and  the benefits of your hard work with us all. 


Student: Gordie N.
Attribute: (I’m adding an attitude smile) – Enthusiasm and Integrity

Teacher: Mrs. Cassidy

Gordie always demonstrates integrity and enthusiasm in all he does – in class, Creative Arts performances, or even playing the piano after lunch for his classmates. Gordie has a smile at all times and gives his all in everything he does. His enthusiasm lights up our school! Thanks for the integrity and enthusiasm you bring to Annunciation, Gordie!


Student: Clare H.
Attribute: Caring

Teacher: Morin

This student is caring with other students, teachers and the way they treat our school.  This person has worked very hard this year and always does a great job of making others smile and feel comfortable.  Keep up the great work Clare!


Student: Mimi KM.
IB Attribute: Reflective

Teacher: Letwin

This student has taken their talents and performance experiences into consideration and have brought them to our home stage. This student conveys enthusiasm, smiles, and a strong voice, and her ability to perform on stage is wonderful to watch. Thank you for your consistent smiling face during rehearsals and the Christmas program, Mimi!