Measuring MCA Proficiency

Nov 1st, 2018

We are at the middle of our fall semester, which is the perfect time to come together at our school conferences next week. Being able to come together to discuss each child’s progress, learning to date, and opportunities to grow this year is a valuable experience. We are also blessed to have our whole community committed to collaborating for student success.

Part of the partnership is communicating our school’s progress as well. Each year, we reflect on our achievement as a school. As we work together to create a more seamless experience through our IB journey, review of practices and learning, we see that the cumulative experience for students across the grade levels is preparing them well. 

Often, we are asked how our 8th grade graduates compare to other local school’s graduates. Over the years, we have found that our students always perform very well. Last year, 99% of our students met or exceeded the national norms on the NWEA MAP tests.  We review this data each year as another lens to see how we are achieving and if we are preparing our students well for high school and beyond. 

To compare to other public schools, we use the NWEA MAP – MCA proficiency projections. In the core areas of reading and math, here are the Spring 2018 scores measuring MCA proficiency for 8th graders at Annunciation, the public middle schools in South Minneapolis, and Statewide schools:









We are very proud of our school. The cumulative experience for our students over the years results in high academic achievement. In addition, by focusing on the development of the whole child, our students display strong character and virtue. We hope you are proud of our school and your children, too. We are blessed and continue to work towards achieving each child’s full potentiality. 

Thank you for your support. We look forward to seeing you at conferences next week!

God Bless,
Jennifer M. Cassidy,