March is Music in Our Schools Month!

Mar 14th, 2019

March is here and Music in Our Schools Month has arrived! Our school is buzzing with activities and programs this month.

In class: 

  • 8th Grade: composition project
  • 7th Grade: studying film scores and the ins and outs of music in the movies. Pairing with Alisa as well to sing and learn about music from Godspell!
  • 6th Grade: Creating jingles and music mixing through soundtrap, and preparing for our spring concert
  • Elementary: creating music maps with instruments, exploring sound and how we can change or alter the sound of instruments and our voices, solfege, call and response singing, singing and movement, and preparing for our spring concert

Activities for our students and staff:

    Happening every Friday during the month of March. Students write their answer on a piece of paper (one entry per student). We will announce the winners at the end of the day to receive a prize (out of uniform, music prizes, and more!).   
  • DJ during lunch:
    I'll be playing music during all lunches on Wednesday's and then will bop around to different lunches throughout the week with what my schedule allows.
  • Stop, Drop, and Dance:
    We didn't get a chance to do this idea during Catholic Schools Week, so I thought this would be a wonderful opportunity. I'll play different selections from different decades throughout the week over the announcements. Stop everything and have a dance party! 
  • WERK it Out Wednesday's:
    ​This is a new one, but I wanted to give our staff a break as the weather has been taking a toll on all of us. Wednesday's from 2-2:20 I'll be doing music and movement in the auditorium on March 13 and 27. 

Thank you all for reading through the list of activities and options for the students and staff this year. Creativity is such an amazing gift that our students are so fortunate to engage in throughout our school environment. Music is also important as it can provide excitement, relaxation, increased participation, and enjoyment on so many different levels. Thanks for your participation in these activities and I am looking forward to the month of March!!

Mrs. Lewtin
Creative Arts Teacher