Living Up to Our Potentiality

May 18th, 2018

At the start of school, we launched our new “Potentiality” campaign. Our mission calls us to educate and develop the whole child – bringing out their true “Potentiality” as children created uniquely by God to do something special in our world. This has been the focus for all we do at Annunciation – our training, teaching, planning and praying.

As we near the end of the school year, I have been able to witness some amazing moments when I have seen the true potential of each child soar! Whether it is the 8th graders from the Washington D.C. trip who made a video to share with students from Mexico to teach them about Minnesota, to the kindergarteners sharing their learning about habitats or “wants and needs”, to the 5th graders teaching all of us important things through their Exhibition projects – all of these moments highlighted more than just learning content – it showcased that the students were learning about life. As I stop and talk to students or see them in their classrooms, I am struck by how they are now taking what they learn and seeing how this can make them better people.

Students will excitedly talk about how they are doing something outside of school based on what they now know. This is the heart of inquiry education and the IB philosophy – now that we know this, so what? As a Catholic school, this call to action is a part of our faith journey. I am so amazed at the great way our students have responded. They continue to surprise us with the depth and breadth of their thinking and doing. Wow – God has created some tremendous young people! And you have shared them with us.

I hope you are able to attend some of our end of the year events and witness our amazing young people in action. Thank you for giving us this privilege of bringing out the “potentiality” of your children. We are truly blessed!

Jennifer M. Cassidy
Annunciation Catholic School