Kindness in Chalk

Oct 7th, 2015

Friday we will host "Kindness in Chalk" to promote anti-bullying.

Sometimes, all a person needs to hear is something uplifting and positive to get through a rough day. That is why, Annunciation is participating in the Kindness in Chalk anti-bullying movement on Friday, October 9, 2015. 

October is National Bullying Awareness Month. Bullying – be it in school, the workplace or online – can have lasting, lifetime implications. On October 9, schools around the country will be covering the sidewalks of school grounds and communities with positive words, phrases, quotes and images that speak of love, peace, hope and acceptance with the intention of bringing smiles to faces who need it the most. We are thrilled that Annunciation will be one of those schools! 

Parents, are invited to stop at school that day and grab a piece of chalk (there will be some made available for your use). Write a note on the sidewalk that will make someone's day. Tell them they are important. They are special. They are loved. Students and teachers are invited to participate as well, so don't be shy – Find an empty spot and leave your mark! Also, feel free to do the same on your neighborhood streets, community parks, or bike paths.