Human Trafficking in Minnesota

Jun 19th, 2014

Caring for God’s Creation & the Poor:

“Together we can and must employ our energies so that these women, men and children can be freed, thus putting an end to this horrible trade.” ~Pope Francis

Stewardship Tip:  

Human Trafficking in Minnesota.  On May 19, 2014 Sister Ann Redmond, CSJ, PhD gave a presentation at Annunciation on Modern Day Slavery:  Human Trafficking in Minnesota.  The statistics boggle the mind, as we learned that it is very present in Minnesota, and events such as the Super Bowl, which Minneapolis will host in 2018, create an avenue for an increase in sex trafficking.  “Sex trafficking describes the selling of human beings whether it be local prostitution or international sex trade.  Our state ranks as one of the highest in the nation for both types of trafficking…The central reason that trafficking is thriving throughout the world is poverty.  Persons are lured into the business of trafficking because of desperation due to extreme poverty.  This is true for both labor and sex trafficking…Once a person sees another as an object, commodity, there is no limit to the degradation to which the victim is subjected…The average age for a minor to become a trafficking victim is between the ages of 12 to 14.  Studies show that a young person, who is a runaway or for some other reason living on the street is usually picked up by a trafficker within 48 hours…The internet is the fastest growing source of trafficking in the U.S. and makes the demand issue particularly secretive, efficient, and difficult to trace…There are very few shelters for victims of trafficking in Minnesota, and there is a great need for both temporary and long term housing for them.” (See next week’s Tip: what we can do.)  Notes of Sister Ann Redmond CSJ, PhD at

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