How the World Works Investigation

Apr 8th, 2016

Annunciation kindergarteners current IB unit of inquiry is How the World Works.  In particular, they investigated habitats, which included biomes.

A “little bit” of the ocean was brought into their classroom by taping the images of a very friendly Great White Shark on Mrs. Sable’s classroom floor and a Giant Squid on Mrs. Heer’s classroom floor.  The shark is the actual average length of a Great White and the Giant Squid is ½ of the actual size of these creatures, which live deep at the bottom of the Atlantic & Pacific oceans.

Students have loved sitting all together “inside” the shark as they eat their daily snack.  In Mrs. Heer’s room the students step very gingerly around the tentacles of the squid, they don’t want to hurt or squish him (or her)!