How Can We Help the Syrian Refugees?

Oct 1st, 2015

Caring for God’s Creation & the Poor

“May every parish, every religious community, every monastery, every sanctuary in Europe host a family.” ~Pope Francis

Stewardship Tip

What can we do to help the Syrian Refugees?  Many of us have watched in horror at the suffering from the refugee crisis in Syria, while reflecting on our own immigration crisis here in the US.  Pope Francis has urged generous support for refugees from Syria and elsewhere. He has called on elected officials to be peacemakers, and work for a solution to the violent conflict in Syria.  Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is increasing its response to the needs of Syrian refugees and other migrants arriving daily in Europe, and working with the local Church to provide food, water, access to sanitation, medical and legal services. 

You may not be able to house a refugee family, but you can contact the President and members of Congress and urge them to lead the world in a response to save the lives of refugees and end the fighting in Syria. (You can always donate to CRS as well.)

Peace & Justice Committee