Heart and Soul of Our School

Oct 10th, 2014

“Do not be afraid….take courage, I am here.” Matthew 14:27

As parents, I know you can’t be here each day to experience the life of our school, so I just wanted to take a minute to share some special moments from this week that demonstrated our mission alive:

First, our school mass on Thursday ended with our song, “Send Down the Fire of Your Spirit”. Standing in the church, hearing the voices of the children singing with so much passion and energy was truly the Spirit shining through our children. It was a wonderful moment and confirms the special opportunity we have as a Catholic school to celebrate our faith together.

Second was our grandparents’ tea which took place Thursday. What a wonderful moment to look out in the auditorium to see the many grandparents and friends who came to celebrate with our second graders and our school. These are people who have lived and modeled their faith in such an authentic and strong way, that they inspired the next generation to share this with their children as well. It is our privilege at Annunciation School to carry on and help form this next generation of children who can someday do the same for their children. The second graders sang and performed so well, ending with a song that brought tears to everyone’s eyes. Moments like this remind me how special our school is and how much we are blessed!


Just a reminder that conferences are coming soon! In our efforts to continue our partnership with parents and find best ways to help our students succeed, we have moved to mid-trimester conferences. By meeting at mid-trimester, we can set goals and discuss ways to work together to help your child continue to grow and learn before grades are final at the end of the trimester. The conference will also give us an opportunity to share the results of the fall MAP testing and use this additional data to evaluate the students’ achievements to date. We look forward to this opportunity to meet and set goals to help each child reach their fullest potential.

Middle School Conferences

Based on feedback from parents last year on the open auditorium style conference, we are offering sign-ups for middle school families this year. We researched other school’s conference formats and are offering a new option based on the feedback from last year. If you have difficulty scheduling time, please contact the teacher directly to set up additional time, or contact the office for assistance. We will evaluate this process again this year to see if this format better fits the families’ needs. 

NOTE: Thursday, October 30 is a 1:00 dismissal day. To provide more evening sessions for parent conferences, we are having school with an early dismissal. Conferences will begin at 2:00 pm. If you need extended day for the early dismissal, please contact Jeff Wisdom or see the website for details.

Halloween Celebrations

This year, because we have no school on Halloween and have our parent-teacher conferences as well as our Boosterthon the previous Friday, we will be having class parties and theme dress – Orange and Black free dress - on Thursday, October 30 which will take the place of our Halloween parade for this year, but we will continue this tradition in following years. We invite families to attend the Saturday, October 25 Halloween Costume and Pizza party at Annunciation Church. Children can wear costumes to 5:00 mass. Following mass, be sure to join us for a pizza party, kids’ dance and a costume contest.

Thank you again for your continued support of our school.  Have a great weekend and we hope to see you at Dancing with the Annunciation Stars tomorrow night!

Jennifer M. Cassidy, Principal
Annunciation School
612-823-4394 ext. 201