6th Grade Girl Scouts Earn Bronze Award

Jan 14th, 2016

Eleven girls in Troop 14210 (6th grade) earned the Bronze Award from Girl Scouts this year.  This is the first of 3 awards and each girl was required to spend at least 20 hours to earn the award.  

One group:  Grace Ri, Maddie B, Edith C, Hannah C, Hannah O, Maggie W, Maya P worked on a project related to the Animal Humane Society.  They toured the shelter and learned about what they did.  Then, they made cat and dog toys and fleece blankets to donate to the shelter.  They created display boards about the shelter, how to make the items to donate and how to make dog treats that were displayed during Septemberfest.

The second group:  Libby Z, Juliet P, Caitlin O, Ava K worked on a project related to stormwater abatement.  They researched techniques to keep stormwater from rushing into our creeks and lakes carrying pollution.  They helped build 4 rain gardens in a yard that is in the Minnehaha Watershed.  They created a powerpoint presentation about rain barrels, rain gardens, permeable pavers, downspout redirection and other stormwater management tools.  They then presented to the Auction Garden tour, Twelve Apostles and three 5th grade classes at Kenwood School.  They, also, entered their project in the State Fair and won 1st place.

Also, they bridged to the Cadette level this fall. Their leaders are very proud of the work the did, the dedication they showed and the things they learned.