Geo Bee News 2016

Jan 14th, 2016

Sixth-Grader, Libby Z, is our 2016 Annunciation Geo Bee Champion. After 8 rounds, Libby and 7th grader, Primo M, battled it out in a three question Championship Round. 

In the next few weeks, Libby will take a qualifying exam to determine whether she advances to the Minnesota GeoBee. 

Out of approximately 250 participants in our 4th – 8th grade classroom bees, we had ten Annunciation finalists:

8th graders - Maggie C and Porter B

7th graders - Primo M and Adele V 

6th graders - Patrick S and Libby Z

5th graders - Adam K and Mallory O 

4th graders – Fletcher G and Felix S.

Thank you to Mrs. Warnemunde, Mr. Olson and Ms. McBurney and Mrs. Farstad for their help with our classroom bees and judging. 

Thank you to Mr. Nixon for joining us for the morning as our moderator and to our students, families and parish members for supporting our students’ success! 

Congratulations and Go Spirit!