Field Day 2018

May 25th, 2018

Field Day is almost here! 

This year, all activities will take place on the beautiful Annunciation Campus! Activities scheduled for the day are fun, fast-moving, and involve all! As in past years, all 7th grade students will have a lead role in coordinating activities during the event.

Following the All School Relay at approximately 12 noon, parents are invited to bring lunches to join their children for lunch outside.  The day wraps-up at 1pm and parents who are not able to join for lunch, are asked to pick students up as usual in the car pool line. 

We look forward to a wonderful day of fun to conclude a great school year and kick off an awesome summer!

All students can be in free dress and must bring a bag lunch from home.  

Field Day Events

Area 1 (T-ball field): Blasterball
Area 2 (Outside fence of T-ball field): Tug of War
Area 3 (Grass area in between Church and school): Predator/Prey
Area 4 (School gym): Battleship
Area 5 (South parking lot): Capture the Flag
Area 6 (Playground): Kickball

Key Information:

  • Activities will begin at approximately 10 a.m., just after Fr. Park’s blessing. As in previous years, our 7th grade students will be helping to coordinate the activities at each station.
  • Grades 1-6 will be participating with their entire grade level at each designated area and will then rotate to the next area approximately every 15 minutes.  Grade levels will start at the area number matching their grade and will then rotate in order until they have participated in each area (e.g. grade one will start at Area 1 then go to Area 2, 3, etc. and finish with area 6).
  • Activities in each area are gym favorites that are fun, fast-paced, and involve all.
  • The All-School relay will take place in Area 5 after the conclusion of activities (approximately noon). There will be eight representatives from each grade, 1-7.
  • Students will be enjoying their bag lunches (with their class) outdoors on the school grounds immediately after the All-School Relay.  Families are welcome to bring a lunch and join us! 
  • The school day concludes at 1:00pm. Parents who are not eating lunch with their children should pick up students as usual in the car pool line at 1pm.