Fall Conferences

Oct 25th, 2018

We will hold fall conferences on Wednesday, November 7 and Thursday, November 8.  These conferences are an important opportunity for teachers to gain insights about your child and to share with you the progress your child is making.  If you are unable to attend but would like to have a phone conference with your child’s teacher, please feel free to contact them.   

K – 5 Conferences:
PARENT, STUDENT, AND TEACHER CONFERENCES:  The conferences for grades K - 5 involves all three – parent, student, and teacher – to come together with the common goal of reflecting on learning and set goals for the future.  Students will prepare by identifying their strengths and areas for growth. They will attend and share this at the conference. Together, goals will be identified and discussion is focused on what the student has accomplished and what areas they can continue to grow. The focus is more about learning than about grades.  

Middle School Conferences:
Each Parent-Teacher middle school conference is five minutes in length.  We ask that you be mindful of the time.  Teachers will have a sign-up sheet for a follow up phone call at their tables if you need additional time at the end of 5 minutes.  

PLEASE NOTE:  Extra time slots have been added for Mr. Nichols, Mr. Schild, Mrs. Rogers and Ms. Saluri, starting at 9am on both Wednesday and Thursday. 

To complete the scheduling process, it is important that you sign up online by clicking on the following link.  Please sign up by Friday, November 2.  A conference will not be scheduled unless you request one by signing up online.  


Please schedule one time slot per child, per teacher, if you have multiple children in middle school. 

Here is how to schedule for multiple children:

  1. Select the teacher/s for child 1you need to conference with.
  2. Enter child’s name, your name and email address.
  3. PTCFast will send you an email confirmation with a link to your sign-up.
  4. Click on the link in the email to open your sign-up on the PTCFast website.
  5. Select the teacher/s for child 1and click on Submit.
  6. Select the time for the conference for child 1.
  7. For additional children, click on the link on the left:
  8. Enter the child’s information and click on Submit.
  9. You will be able to select a time for child 2.
  10. Repeat for additional children.

*You can navigate to a specific teacher by clicking on their name on the left.

We appreciate your time and look forward to sharing your child’s progress at our conferences.  Thank you!