Battle of the Books 2017

Oct 27th, 2017

Congratulations to Annunciation’s Battle of the Books participants!

WOW – our Annunciation students never cease to amaze us!

At Annunciaiton we value the importance and joy of reading and we understand that language is one of the ways we communicate thoughts, feelings, perspectives and beliefs.  As a learning community, we are committed to providing opportunities that promote reading.

This year, approximately 100 students in grades 3-8 participated in Annunciation’s Battle of the Books.  Our Battle lists this year included between 15-24 titles, depending on the student’s grade level.  Our participants read books that were selected for their high-interest level, challenging vocabulary, multiple reading levels, and content.  The books are purposefully selected to expose students to a variety of genres, quality authors, diverse cultures and historical eras.  

After a battle royal – this year’s champions emerged.  

The 2017-18 Battle of the Books Champions are…

3rd grade – Ellie and Amalia

4th /5-th grade – Henry, Maggie and Jack

Middle School-  Maggie, Ava, and Juliet

Congratulations to these 8th-graders who have participated in the Battle every year, since they were in 3rd-grade.  Awesome! 

A big thank you to our parent volunteers for all their help in making the day a success.  A personal thank you to my dad - Richard LaLonde for his generous donations over the years supporting this event in memory of my mom, JoAnne LaLonde, who loved to read.

Anne LaLonde Laux (Mrs. Laux)