Extended Day Program Open for MEA Break

Oct 4th, 2018

School will be closed October 17th, 18th, and 19th for MEA.  The Extended Day program will be open on the 17th, 18th, and 19th for our families from 7:00am – 6:00pm. 

On Wednesday, October 17th, we will be going to Playworks in Prior Lake.  
The bus will leave at 11:00am and will return at 2:45pm.  The children will need to bring a lunch.  They may bring money to purchase lunch, snacks, or play games.   Socks must be worn.  The activity fee for this day is $11.00.

On Thursday, October 18th, we will be going to Cinema Grill in New Hope. 
The bus will leave at 11:00am and will return at 2:30pm.  The children DO NOT need to bring a lunch.  We will be having pizza there.  The movie is yet TBD.  The activity fee for this day is $16.00.

On Friday, October 19th, our theme for the day will be Fall Celebration.  
The children will be participating in several fun and exciting events/activities dealing with the changing seasons.  They will paint pumpkins and there will also be crafts involving apples and leaves. The children will need to bring a lunch from home and we will be staying on school grounds. 

We will provide a snack at 9:00am and at 2:45pm. The snack at 4:30pm is brought from home.

Please dress the children appropriately.  We go outside in the morning as well as the afternoon.