State of the School Spring 2016

May 18th, 2016

On May 5th, Annunciation hosted a State of the School focused, Evening with Principal Cassidy. Attendees were welcomed by Father Park, who shared his commitment to the school as the largest mission of the parish. Parents then listened to Jennifer Cassidy give a State of the School presentation, which included an update on the IB candidacy by Anne Laux and they heard first hand accounts of IB in the classroom from kindergarten teacher, Beth Sable and middle school science teacher, Jeremie Nichols. The event was full of energy, great questions and excitement about all the progress made so far and where we are headed for the future!
Beth Sable's biggest take away from the night: "It’s always fun to share what we do in our classrooms with the families.  There are so many exciting things happening at school; the energy is strong and learning is authentic!  Having such a strong community and sense of support gives us the tools to create an exciting learning environment."
If you would like to share how your child has been impacted by the IB curriculum, please contact Jennifer Cassidy or Anne Laux. We love to hear how IB is transforming the students' way of thinking!
State of the School powerpoint (PDF)
Anne Laux's IB powerpoint (PDF)