Engineering is Elementary!

May 20th, 2015

On Friday, May 15th, select 8th grade students from Annunciation’s Dimensions program, led engineering activities in 2nd and 3rd grade. These activities were made possible due to the Schulze Grant and matching donations. 

Our 2nd graders were taught by 8th Graders Grace B, Meryt W and Maggie A.  These talented young ladies asked 2nd graders to construct a bridge that could support a large marshmallow.  Students were given spaghetti noodles, a little bit of tape and some string.  The collaboration and creativity demonstrated were magnificent!

8th Graders Sadie R and Izzy F led Annunciation’s 3rd graders in creating catapults.  Sadie and Izzy introduced students to the engineering design process of plan, create, evaluate and improve.  Once students teams created catapults they put them to the test, launching marshmallows all over the room.  Every team was successful!  Some of the comments from the debriefing included the following:

“I learned that your first idea doesn’t always work.”

“We tried the same idea that another group tried and it didn’t turn out the same.”

“I learned that we all have ideas.”

“We figured out that tension and direction have a lot to do with catapults.”

“I learned the value of teamwork.”