End of the Year APO News

Jun 5th, 2014

Did you know the most frequently asked question of the APO is, "Where does all of the money from your Fundraising efforts go?"  Do you want to know the answer to that question?!  Scroll down to find out what all your support and fundraising went towards this year.

The APO would like to thank all parents and students for volunteering their time and supporting our fundraising efforts.  We are a school known for our amazing community involvement and this year was no exception.  Read below to see what the APO was able to sponsor and support this 2013/2014 school year as a result of your generosity.  

Creative Arts Program received the following:

1. New Sound Board
2. Dual Cassette Player
3. Cart for Cassette Player
4. New Light Board
5. Custom Cabinetry for the Light Board and Sound Board

Library received the following:

1. Books
2. Baskets for Leveled Readers
3. Dewey Classification Signage
4. Hanging Materials
5. Periodical Subscriptions
6. Preprinted Stickers for Leveled Readers

Classroom Grants: APO was able to fulfill the following classroom grants:

1. Bulletin Board
2. White Board
3. Co-Writer Teacher Training
4. Containers for Leveled Reading
5. Art Drying Racks
6. Boxes for Fundation Supplies
7. Non-fiction Books for Beginning Leveled Readers
8. Non-Fiction Writing Guide
9. Registration Fee for MN Mathmasters
10. Young Adult Fiction Writer and author of Stupid Fast, Geoff Herbach, came to Annunciation and led a half-day creative writing workshop and discussion about his book.

Students: Your annual fee, as well as your continued support of the APO was able to sponsor:

1. Student Directories
2. D.A.R.E. Program
3. Youth Frontiers Retreat


1. APO Sponsored 2 tables for teachers to attend The MN Independent School Forum Banquet
2.  Fall Grants for classroom supplies purchased at the beginning of the year
3. Teacher Appreciation Week

AYM: As a result of your attendance at Freestyle Wednesday’s APO was able to make a sizeable donation to AYM for their upcoming mission trip.

Health Office received the following:

1. Medical Bench
2. New Chairs

Speaker: Jean Breitenbucher

1. “Safety Skills for a New Generation”
2. “Helping our Children Develop Independence”


1. First Friends Mixer
2. First Morning Coffee
3. Principal Breakfasts
4. Cards and Condolences

Thank you, thank you, Parents and Students, for all your support.  We are so grateful.

The Annunciation Parent Organization.