End Human Trafficking at the Super Bowl - How?

Nov 4th, 2017

Pope Francis Calls Human Trafficking a Crime. How Can We Help?

Pope Francis has called human trafficking a ‘crime against humanity.’ Faith communities can be a fundamental source of stability for trafficked persons by providing acceptance and a non-judgmental atmosphere. As Catholics, we are called to shine a light on this heinous abuse that disrespects the lives and dignity of our brothers and sisters around the world. 

Local Sisters from various religious communities are doing their part to support organizations such as Breaking Free in their efforts to end sex trafficking in Minnesota, especially during the time of the 2018 Super Bowl, and we can help too. Gift cards for major chain grocery stores and for personal items will be needed to provide meals, shelter, and clothing for women and girls who will be rescued from trafficking situations.  Gas cards will be needed for the Breaking Free staff as they reach out to trafficking victims. Cash and check (payable to Breaking Free) donations are also needed. Gift cards and monetary donations can be 1) brought to the Church or School offices, or 2) placed in the collection basket in an envelope marked “Breaking Free”.  Your generosity will help people who want to rebuild their lives.