El Día de los Muertos

Oct 27th, 2017

At Annunciation we are committed to building our awareness of global costumes and traditions and engaging in global issues and diverse perspectives. 

Our students are currently learning about the Latin American holiday, "El Día de los Muertos". K-8 students collaborated in creating a school altar in the foyer to honor family members, friends or pets who have passed away.

“El Día de los Muertos" is one of the most widely celebrated holidays of the year in Mexico (and many Latin American countries). It is a family celebration that lasts for days.  This holiday is a celebration of life and the belief that death is simply a part of life. People believe that during these couple of days, the dead return to be among the living. Families gather together to remember the lives of those who have passed on. Rather than being a sad time, it is a chance to remember happy events of the past and reflect upon the lives of friends and relatives who are no longer with us.

All in our community are welcome to visit our school altar to remember, pray and celebrate their loved ones.

Alexandra Franco and Serena Lovera
Annunciation Spanish Teachers