Discover the Way Retreat for 5th Graders

Mar 26th, 2015

On Wednesday, April 8th, our 5th graders will spend their school day participating in the Discover the Way Retreat. They will work with a team of people representing the vocations of priesthood, religious life, married life, single life and the diaconate. The team will also include about 10 high school team members, some of whom are Annunciation School graduates.

It is our hope that the experience of this retreat will give them insight into their own possibilities as they explore various adult vocations as well as an understanding of the calling they have from God to live full, happy and contributing lives right here and right now. Please remember our 5th graders and our high school and adult team members in your prayer, that each person will be ready to hear God as he speaks to their hearts about his love for them and that they will be generous with God’s love to all whom they meet.