Confirmation Registration (9th & 10th graders)

Jun 23rd, 2016

Dear 8th Grade Parents,

With 8th grade graduation this past month, I want to congratulate you for the accomplishment that your son/daughter’s graduation from Annunciation means for all of you as a family.

At Annunciation Parish, we wish to work with you for the support of your son/daughter’s deepening relationship with Jesus Christ begun in the Sacrament of Baptism and nourished in the Eucharist. The Sacrament of Confirmation completes his/her full entry into the Faith life of the Catholic Church. In this Sacrament the fullness and empowerment of the Holy Spirit is poured out on the person being confirmed. Through your practice of our Faith in your own life and by your choice to have your son/daughter baptized and raised in our Faith, you have been preparing him/her for this Sacramental completion of Confirmation all along the way. Annunciation’s program of immediate preparation for Confirmation begins in September.  Attached you will find the Confirmation registration form for our high school 9th and 10th graders. We ask that you complete and return it as soon as possible with Sunday, September 11th as our registration deadline.

Our Confirmation program was planned so it can be completed over 2 years. We made this choice so that our young people can easily take part in both Confirmation preparation and AYM/Annunciation Youth Ministry without one of these programs competing for their time with the other. Each of the two years will have approximately 6 Sunday evening sessions. The first session will take place on Sunday evening, September 25th, and it will provide parents with detailed information about our Confirmation program. The two years of Confirmation preparation will conclude with the celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation sometime during the spring of 2018.


Sr. Sue