Christmas 2016

Dec 16th, 2016

Our Annunciation School students, led by the creative talents of Mary Strickland, Liz Kramer, and Sandy Nesvig, once again touched our hearts with their Christmas performance this year. Each year they find a way to make this the best program ever.  With over 25 years of beloved Christmas performances, we realize what a gift this is to our school – students, staff, families and community! This truly is a celebration of God’s gifts to us and of the Christmas season to come.

Congratulations to all who helped make the programs so special for those who were blessed to watch or participate – from the creative directors, teachers, students, volunteers, hosts, costume-makers, and all the families who have shared their children with us.  We are blessed with amazing people and a great program to celebrate this special time of year!

As the student ended the program singing…“Pray for Peace…Pray for Peace.” I wished we could keep that peaceful feeling all year long. We will continue to pray for peace and wish you a peaceful holiday break.

On behalf of the staff at Annunciation School, we wish you a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.

End of the Semester and Report Cards

December 16 is the end of our first semester. This year is the first year we have semesters for our school. As we shared earlier, in the Summer 2016 news update on the website, semesters provide several advantages to us. With the end of the semester, teachers will be completing grades and submitting report cards over the next weeks. Once they are finalized, the report cards will be shared with families when we return the week of January 3.

NOTE: K-5 report cards have been revised. This is phase 1 of our assessment and grading transition. For some of the instructional goals, if they are blank, that concept has not been covered yet. You can find out more details from December 2 Principal update as well. We look forward to our continued research and learning as we transition our assessments to match our instruction and help provide the clearest picture we can for our parents.

We will continue to update you as we make progress.