Children’s Liturgy of the Word

Oct 5th, 2017

What is Children’s Liturgy of the Word? Where do the children go and what do they do?

The Church recognizes that when children of a certain age are at Mass during the Liturgy of the Word, the Scripture Readings and Gospel, as we hear them proclaimed as adults, may be above and beyond their comprehension. Thus the Church allows for the children to assemble in a nearby room where they will experience the Liturgy of the Word in a manner closer to their understanding. Thus they gather in another room where two Faith Leaders proclaim the Scriptures for that particular Sunday from a simpler, Church approved translation. Just as we who are gathered in the main body of the Church listen to a homily that helps us take the Scriptures, particularly the Gospel, into our hearts to transform our lives, these two Faith Leaders help our children take in God’s Word in a way that can transform their young lives through the power of the presence of Jesus.

What is the appropriate age for Children’s Liturgy of the Word? Children should be no younger than 4 years old while possessing the maturity needed to be away from their parents and calmly take part in what is asked of them. Once a child is in 2nd grade and preparing for 1st Communion, it is appropriate that he/she stay with the larger congregation for the Liturgy of the Word.

Thanks to Terry Heer who has been responsible for Children’s Liturgy of the Word for these past 15 years. Please welcome Elissa Welch and Jennie Hartman who have offered to serve as Faith Leaders for Children’s Liturgy of the Word and to coordinate this ministry for our parish. Would you like to volunteer for this ministry? Our goal is to have at least 4 sets of partners as Faith Leaders. To volunteer please contact Sr. Sue.