Children’s Liturgy of the Word Begins!

Sep 11th, 2014

It’s time for Children’s Liturgy of the Word to begin a brand new year on Sunday, September 28th, during the 8:45 and 10:30 Masses.

So what is Children’s Liturgy of the Word? It might help to start with what it’s not:

A free baby sitting service? - no
A way to give kids an entertaining break from Mass? - no
A classroom activity? - no

When our young children leave the Gathered Assembly they go to a special room where they do on their level the same thing that the rest of us who remain in the main part of Church are doing. They experience the Word of God proclaimed to them in a way that is meaningful to children. Just as we have a homily – Breaking Open the Word – given by a priest of deacon, they have a presider who Breaks Open the Word for them in a way that they can understand as children. God is present and speaks to them through Scripture, with a translation appropriate for children. The presider leads them in a sharing that brings home the meaning of the Gospel to their young lives. Our Children’s Liturgy of the Word serves the needs of children from kindergarten through grade 3. Would you like to join our team of presiders? Contact Terry Heer at 612/702-1552 or