Children are Always Welcome at Mass!

Dec 11th, 2015

On this feast of the Holy Family when we celebrate the love within the life of the Holy Family, we also honor our many families whose love and goodness are a gift to the life of our parish. In a special way we want families with young children to always feel welcome when we gather for Mass. Here are some of the options families with small children might find helpful:

  1. Busy Bags: at each door coming into the church you will find a box of ‘busy bags’ containing a variety of items that can keep a young child both content and occupied during Mass.
  2. Nursery: parents have the option of having their children who are old enough to walk on their own stay in the nursery (lower level of the church) in the care of two child care specialists during each of the Sunday Masses.
  3. Children’s Liturgy of the Word: during the Liturgy of the Word (Scripture readings and homily) children are free to participate in a special Liturgy of the Word designed to meet the needs of children from pre-K through grade 1.
  4. If a small child is particularly unsettled, parents may feel more comfortable taking him/her to another room such as the Narthex or the Children’s Liturgy of the Word room for a while. Parents with small children can also use the Children’s Liturgy of the Word Room (cry room) for the complete Mass time, while making room for the group that gathers for Children’s Liturgy of the Word.

We hope these options will help our families with young children always feel welcome at Annunciation!