Everyday Celebrations

Feb 26th, 2016

As we come to the end of our second trimester, we celebrate many successes and achievements by our students. We also want to begin to highlighting some of the unique things that happen in our school that make Annunciation a special place. Below are two highlights to share:

IB Learner Profile Attribute Awards

Each month at the middle school assembly, students are recognized for living our faith through the IB attributes. The Attribute Award recipients for February are:

Student:  Grace L.
Teacher:  Mr. Nichols
Award:  Inquirer

Student: Valerie H.
Teacher: Mr. Olson
Award: Reflective                  

Student:  Michael S.
Teacher:  Ms. Steege
Award: Caring

Student:  Lizzie N.
Teacher:  Ms. Guilliatt
IB Award:  Principled

Student: Grace R.
Teacher: Ms. Russell
Attribute Award: Communicator  

Student: Mikey B.
Teacher: Ms. McBurney
Attribute Award: Balanced

Annunciation School Buddy Activities

We began connecting older and younger students as a school over 10 years ago.  Buddies attend mass together and do monthly activities, too.  It allows the little buddies to have someone to look out for them and the older buddies the chance to act as a leader. By spending this time together, students create a true “family” and sense of community that helps create the positive learning environment we strive to provide.

Each school year, the staff spirit committee meets to plan monthly activities.  We also add in activities, as we need them – like sharing special projects or just reading or game time. Here are just a few of the buddy activities we have had this year.

Kindness in Chalk

A new event we introduced last fall was participating in a chalk activity for National Kindness Day. The entire school participated as buddies, with amazing results.  The children were so thoughtful in their creations and surrounded our school with thoughts of kindness. 


In support of our Thanksgiving collection for Holy Rosary, buddies get together to decorate food boxes, make placemats or cards for the family receiving food for their Thanksgiving dinner. This is a favorite for students and teachers as it encourages us to think of others as we enter the busy season holiday season.

Catholic Schools Week

This week of school brings a lot of excitement to school! A board game day with buddies (4th and 7th) during CSW was a low-key way to celebrate and balance out some of the week’s energy. The kids had a blast playing “younger” kid games such as dominoes, bingo, and Battle Ship.

Ask your students about what they think of the buddy activities and I'm sure you will see why we make them a priority throughout the school year!

Jennifer Cassidy
Annunciation School