Bring Your Own Bag and Help Hunger

Jun 25th, 2016

Caring for God’s Creation & the Poor: “You pray for the hungry, then you feed them. This is how prayer works.” ~Pope Francis 

Our local grocery stores have shown a real commitment to helping fight local hunger. One chain automatically donates 5 cents to Second Harvest for every reusable bag you bring. (Adding up to 1,080,000 meals donated so far!) Another gives you a 5 cent credit for each bag, and donates to the charity of your choice based on receipts. Almost all of them partner with local food shelves, donating expired unsold food that is safe for consumption.

So before you go grocery shopping next time, try looking up your favorite store on the internet (look for “community giving”, “giving back”, or “food shelf”) and learn how they choose to give back to the community. (You can also learn whether or not they offer sustainably sourced foods.) It may help you decide where you want to shop. And don’t forget your reusable bags! You will not only be helping the environment by avoiding plastic, but you could be fighting hunger as well.

Peace & Justice Committee