“Be the Nice Kid”

Mar 23rd, 2018

During the week of, March 19, Annunciation had the unique opportunity to host Mr. Bryan Skavnak who has started an organization/initiative called, “Be the Nice Kid.”  

In addition to being a professional golf instructor, Bryan is an accomplished story-teller who uses stories and activities to help students look at situations from a broad perspective and make positive, kind decisions that fit hand-in-hand with our school essential agreements.  

During our Monday morning all-school meeting, Bryan introduced himself and then spent time in each of the kindergarten through grade five classrooms. On Friday, he joined us once again for our middle school IB award ceremony and was then was able to meet with each of the grade 6-8 classes.  As he met with students, Bryan discussed topics including; empathy for others, kindness and compassion, being non-judgemental, overcoming fears, and--of course--being the nice kid.

Bryan reports that student participation was excellent, and that he, “loves the feel and vibe of Annunciation.” The teachers report that Mr. Skavnak had the students engaged with his captivating, relatable stories.  And that the kids are still chanting "Be the...NICE KID!  They especially loved the poster he brought today and one student remarked, "This just makes so much sense!"  They can't wait until he comes back!

We are all looking forward to Bryan’s follow-up visits in April!

Mike Langer
Dean of Students/PE Teacher