Be Kind

Dec 8th, 2017

Part of the IB program is to develop essential agreements throughout the school. Instead of just creating lists of rules, we work with students to get their input on what we can do together to make our school the best place to learn and grow. We have essential agreements for classrooms, hallways, auditorium, drinking fountains, recess, middle school and more, that we have created together.

Above is our All School Essential Agreement: Be kind, be respectful, be inclusive, be your best self, and be brave. The students created this for our school to help Annunciation be a place where all students can thrive. We want this to be more than words on a wall – we need to model and live our essential agreement so everyone can reach their “potentiality.”

As we focus on living our essential agreement, we have discovered that it isn’t always easy and natural for our students to act in kind ways.  We realized that not everyone knows what it really means to be kind. In today’s world, with social media, news that can be demeaning and negative, and people who feel free to easily criticize others, children are not always seeing models of kindness. This creates a challenge for our children to know what kindness truly means.

To help our students “Be kind, be respectful, be inclusive, be your best self, and be brave,” we need to be more intentional in teaching each element of our essential agreement and modeling this in our school.  We are starting with “Be Kind.”  We will be learning about kindness in our classes, in buddy activities, and as a theme in our morning prayer.

As we look for opportunities to teach and model kindness at school, we invite you to help reinforce this at home. Below are a few articles to help parents ‘teach kindness’ to children.  We are also sharing this “Kindness Calendar."

14 Ways to Encourage Kindness:

5 Ways to Teach Kindness to Kids:

As a Catholic school, our faith calls us to see Christ in one another. We want to teach and model for our students that how they act and what they do makes a difference in the lives of their classmates and others in our school family.

We know that teaching the whole child requires a strong partnership with parents and school. Your support and input is vital to this partnership. As we focus on creating a community of ‘kindness,’ I invite you to communicate with our school if you have concerns or other ideas to help us live our mission.  I appreciate hearing from families and know that together, we can make a difference for all children.

“Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God's kindness: kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile.”
Mother Teresa

Jennifer Cassidy
Principal, Annunciation School